Welcome to the website of Sparkle Tech Ltd.

Sparkle Tech is perceived, owned and operated by passionate UAV enthusiasts with over ten years experience in this field. We pride ourselves of our innovative design and originality of idea. Hence we have taken necessary measures to protect our copyright and intellectual properties.

Company Profile

Sparkle Tech is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of industrial application airframe for a decade. We have office based in Hong Kong and production facilities located in Dong Guan City of China. As such, we are able to amalgamate advanced design technology and modern business operation in Hong Kong with world renowned efficient and cost-effective production in China.


We strongly believe Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is the most cost-effective solution to many existing and future professional airborne applications such as surveying, security, scientific exploration, search and rescue.


We endeavour to provide the best UAV products and solutions utilising cutting edge technologies and materials at the most reasonable price to our customers.


We have successfully designed and produced the EAGLE EYES – a UAV with industrial specifications – using advanced design such as twin vertical fin, huge wingspan and aft-facing propeller, and modern materials such as honeycomb core and carbon fibre. Its design objective is to suit the need of medium scale professional airborne missions. The features and specifications are detailed in the relevant sections of this website.

In order to suit the demand from clients, we proud to announce the VTOL solution for traditional fix wing configuration. Which perfectly take the benefit both for multi-rotor and fix wing characteristic and suit all the mission.

Furthermore, thanks to the new techlogy of solor cell manufacturering technic. We are few of the company worldwide to impletement the soft solar cell battery into the wing panel structure.