hand launch

hand launch hand launch hand launch


Parameter Data
MTOW 1.9Kg
Min airborne weight (w/o payload, one pack battery) 0.9kg
Wingspan 1,200mm
Length 520mm
Height 130mm
Wing area 50dm2
Max payload 0.5kg
Motor 250w
Battery (LiPo) 3 Cells
Camera (Canon EOS M2) Included



Parameter Data
Endurance (3S, 4200mAh x 1 pack), MTOW:1.2kg 1 hour
Cruise speed 70km/h
Max speed 100km/h
Stall speed 40km/h
Celling <1000m
  • Made of Honeycomb core sandwich and carbon fibre
  • Powered by zero-emission brushless DC motor
  • Strong structure with industrial specification
  • 1.5+ hours flight time possible with additional battery pack
  • Preinstalled JOUAV NP-100 autopilot system
  • Easy hand launching
  • Simple to assemble, no need for expert skills
  • Equip with special parachute for safety landing automatically
  • Ready to launch in just minutes

Ranger 3 view