Typical Hydrogen tank installation




Parameter Data
Empty airframe (w/o battery, payload) 12.5Kg
Wingspan 3,500mm
Length 1,990mm
Height 300mm
Wing area 70dm2
Max payload (included Tank & battery, equipment) 10kg
Motor 500kv
Battery (LiPo 12s,10000mAh x 1, 9L/500w Hydrogen-cell x 1) 8.5kg
Take off /  landing VTOL


Parameter Data
Endurance 5 hours
Cruise speed 28m/s (100km/h)
Max speed 31m/s (115km/h)
Stall speed 24m/s (86km/h)
Runway 5m x 5m

- Full composite, carbon fiber / Honeycomb core structure
- Electric motor power
- Revolutionary huge fuselage design for carrying Hydrogen Liquid battery
- Cruise of 24m/s power consumption from 330-600 watt at 16.7kg MTOW
- Tough structure achieve industrial standard
- Dual battery power maximize the safety goal
- Compatible with full-featured PC-base, open source autopilot system
- Easy for assemble in the field, no need for expert skill
- VTOL suit for any mission

Flight Video

Ranger 3 view