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20140321_104012 fuel tank


Parameter Data
Min airborne weight (w/o payload, 3W56i engine) 20Kg
Wingspan 4,000mm
Length 3,000mm
Height 800mm
Wing area 110.60dm2
Max payload 10kg
Engine 3W 56i
Fuel tank 13L
Nose camera dome Included


Parameter Data
Endurance (3W 56i), MTOW:25kg 10.8 hours
Cruise speed 70km/h
Max speed 120km/h
Takeoff runway 20-80m
Celling <5000m
  • Made of Honeycomb core sandwich and carbon fibre
  • Powered by gasoline enigne up to 100cc
  • Strong structure with industrial specification
  • Internal fuel tank contain up to 13L gasoline
  • 10+ hour flight time possible with high efficient engine
  • Compatible with full-featured PC-based autopilot system
  • Generous room for mission-specific on-board equipment
  • Simple to assemble, no need for expert skills
  • Ready to launch in just minutes

6m-3 view