S40 body

System overview

RP-S40 is a flight control and navigation system specifically designed for hybrid UAVs (vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing)and is suitable for an aircraft with the conventional fixed wing + quad rotor configuration. It internally integrates the flight control computer and micro-assembly navigation system (GPS/INS). It is, with one-key action, capable of enabling automatic takeoff, landing, hovering, circling, homing, altitude hold and parachute opening and also capable of various autonomous cruise functions based on the preset route.Besides, RP-S40 has the comprehensive flight status monitoring and alarm functions and asophisticated emergency protection mechanism, to ensure operational safety of the system.

Scope of application

Hybrid UAV with fixed-wing + quadrotor configuration,including the fixed wing aircraft with conventional tail and V-tail and flyingwing and the quadrotor aircraft with “X” configuration.

Conventional fixed-wring(plane) UAV, withconventional tail, V-tail and flying wing;

System features

 Sensor configuration:

◆    GPS/MINScombined navigation integrated micro-system provides the navigation and controlinformation covering 3D position, three-axis attitude, three-axis velocity and three-axis acceleration.

◆    Integratedpneumatic altimeter, with resolution ratio of 0.1m and range of -500~10 000m;

◆    Integrateddifference-pressure air speedometer, with resolution ratio of 1m/s and range of0~100m/s;

◆    2-circuitpulse-width engine speed measurement, with resolution ratio of 1rpm;

◆    Dedicatedvoltage/current measurement module, with voltage range of 0~52V and   current range of 0~200A;

 Flight control:

◆    Itsupports three types of UAVs: fixed-wing(plane), multi-rotor and hybrid(vertical takeoff and landing) UAVs;

◆    Forcontrol of hybrid UAV, the flight mode can be switched by the RC remotely orautomatically;

◆    Flightcontrol modes: manual (by the RC remote controller), semi-auto (attitude andthrottle lever are controlled by the RC remote controller) and full-auto(flight in the preset route);

◆    Itis suited for aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle, parachute opening, shutterand other servo control, with refresh frequency of 50Hz;

◆    Itis suited for quadrotor and other conventional multi-rotor UAVs power motorcontrol, with refresh frequency of 200Hz;

◆    Withone-key action, it can enable takeoff, landing, hovering, circling, altitudehold , parachute opening and other functions, foreasy operation of the user;

◆    Whena fix-wing UAV swerves, the elevator enables feed-forward compensation to avoidaltitude decrease;

◆    Whena multi-rotor UAV hovers, it automatically maintains its nose heading (or thecourse angle can be changed remotely); during flight in a route, the aircraftnose is automatically aligned with the route direction;

◆    Sophisticatedflight status monitoring and automatic protection;

 Mission navigation:

◆    Itprovides 8 user routes and each route can contain 800 waypoints;

◆    Itcan automatically generate the circling route and the circling point, circlingradius and circling rounds are programmable;

◆    Itcan automatically generate the homing route; or the user may plot the homingroute and homing is automatically executed in the route plotted by users;

◆    Thelongitude, latitude, altitude, speed and mission of flight segment areprogrammable;

◆    Foraltitude control modes of the flight segment, normal control, gradient control,circling ascension/descension before arrival and circling ascension/descensionafter arrival, etc. can be selected.

◆    Afterreaching a waypoint, it can automatically switch to circling, homing or landingmode;

◆    Itcan enable parachute opening and camera shutter control upon arrival at awaypoint;

◆    Itcan execute regular-interval photographing mission in a flight segment;


◆    Protectionagainst low voltage, low oil level and low rotation speed;

◆    Protectionagainst abnormal attitude;

◆    Protectionagainst abnormal altitude;

◆    Protectionagainst low accuracy of GPS positioning;

◆    Protectionagainst failure of combined navigation system;

◆    Protectionagainst breach of maximum control radius;

◆    Protectionagainst breach of safety limit of the route;

◆    Protectionagainst overtime communication outage;

◆    100emergency landing points can be preset so that the aircraft can land at thenearest landing point in case of an emergency;

◆    Protectioncan be executed as automatic homing, automatic landing or parachute opening;

 Remote Controller:

◆    Itis compatible with the conventional Sbus interfaced RC remote controller andreceiver;

◆    Themanual/autonomous modes can be switched by the RC remote controller;

◆    Thefixed-wing and multi-rotor modes can be switched by the RC remote controller;

◆    TheFailSafe status of the RC remote controller is under monitoring;

◆    TheRC remote controller can be used for registration of the control surfaces;

◆    TheRC remote controller can execute unlocking, to prevent misoperation of themotor;

 Airborne data recording:

◆    Flightinformation and mission information are recorded and downloaded separately;

◆    Therecording frequency and downloading frequency are selectable in the range of1Hz~10Hz;

◆    Flightinformation recording time can be 9 hours;

◆    7000mission information logs can be recorded (on photographing locations);

 Ground station software:

◆    Supportingmultisource online electronic map with error compensation, MAPX and backgroundpictures;

◆    Completeand practical preflight check process prompt;

◆    Irregularmulti-monitoring area automatic mapping route planning function;

◆    Legibleand comprehensible flight instruments;

◆    Easyexecution of key commands; protection against misoperation;

◆    Adjustmentof integrated control parameters, calibration of sensors, protectionconfiguration, etc. ;

◆    Display,alerting, recording and playback of telemetry data; the formats of the logfiles are compatible with Office;

◆    Theground station software is capable of fine adjustment of the horizontalposition, altitude and course of multi-rotor UAV, without remote control of theRC remote controller;

 Data link interface:

◆    Electricalstandard: RS-232C;

◆    Baudrate: several optional Baud rates, default 115200, N, 8, 1;

 Physical parameter:

◆    Dimensions:109mm*56mm*53mm (L*W*H);

◆    Weight:130g

◆    Power supply: 300mA@4.5V~9.0VDC.

◆    Working temperature: -20~55 degrees Celsius